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What is Grafitter?

Grafitter is a way collecting information about your self over time while sending updates with Twitter, using IM, saving bookmarks on Delicious, and writing a post on Blogger. Grafitter visualizes the information you record in graphs.

If you've been using Twitter, Delicious, or Blogger, you can use it now. Go to the top bar and enter the username.

If you want to record specific information (e.g., your mood, what you ate, the miles you run), use the Grafitter format when sending a Twitter update, while talking to Grafitter IM bot, saving a Delicious bookmark, or writing a Blogger post.

What is the Grafitter format?

The Grafitter format is an easy way to record information about your self in a structured way. The format builds on the Twitter hashtags, prefixing words with a pound sign such as #hello to mark them as tags. Here are some examples of the Grafitter format:

  • #mood(happy) Just had ice cream.
  • Long day #work(11). Survived it!
  • Lunch with friends #lunch(ann, ben)

How do I make a Grafitter update?

Making a Grafitter update is easy. Just log in to your account on Twitter, Delicious, or Blogger, and follow the Grafitter format when making an update.

You can also practice using the Grafitter format on this page.

How do I see my graphs?

Just use the text field on top bar of the Grafitter site. Just select a source and type in your screen name or your friends', then enjoy the graphs.

How useful is it?

Grafitter is only as useful as you make it. If there is something about your life that you are curious about, start recording it and study your graphs.

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Who's behind Grafitter?

Grafitter was designed and developed by Ian Li (ianli@cmu.edu), a researcher, designer, and artist living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ian Li explores technologies on personal informatics. He creates technologies that help people collect and see information about their selves. He has applied his research on motivating physical activity, increasing mood awareness, and office activity awareness.

Grafitter is one of his efforts to make it easy to collect information oneself. Check out his Grafitter page.

Inspired by

The unexamined life is not worth living.
- Socrates

Gnothi seauton. (Know thyself.)
- Temple of Apollo

The palest ink is better than the best memory.
- Chinese proverb


The following are the different technologies that made Grafitter possible.

First and foremost
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